App Dev After CollabSphere 2018 

By Jesse Gallagher | 7/30/18 7:30 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by Kenio Carvalho

n recent years, MWLUG/CollabSphere has tended to be a good time to get a lay of the land for what IBM - and now HCL - intends for their app dev strategy. Recent Connects weren’t too heavy on announcements of major import for Domino developers, and any news to come out tends to do so in the months leading up to summer.

I will be speaking at ICONUK 2018 and Social Connections 14 

By Roberto Boccadoro | 7/26/18 11:59 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

I will speak with the lovely Sharon Bellamy James at ICONUK 2018 which is in Birmingham Sept 13-14. Our Session will be on troubleshooting IBM Connections. I will speak with my friend and guru Martti Garden at Social Connections 14 which is in Berlin Oct 16-17. We will show how to install step-by-step IBM Connections Component Pack, i.e. the Pink components.

CollabSphere 2018 Presentation - Domino on the web, it’s (probably) hackable 

By Darren Duke | 7/26/18 11:33 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Here's my CollabSphere 2018 presentation from the conference in Ann Arbor, MI. Again, a huge thank you to Richard and Leann Moy for organizing another spectacular conference.

Deep dive into HCL’s strategy for Domino/Notes 

By Andrew Magerman | 7/18/18 9:46 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

HCL was kind enough to invite me to their CWP factory tour themed from the story Charlie and the Chocolate factory, held in Chelmsford, Massachussetts on July 11-12 2018. We already knew from Engage and DNUG that Richard Jefts has no qualms in donning a silly costume, but seeing Jason Gary as an Oompa-Loompa was truly memorable. We now have photos and a means to blackmail them.

Definitely different – a few days looking into the future with HCL (and IBM) 

By Gabriella Davis | 7/18/18 3:16 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

I can’t thank everyone at HCL enough for throwing open the doors and leaving them open. Together we will continue to innovate great things for customers Last week Tim and I were invited to the 1st CWP Factory tour held by HCL at their offices in Chelmsford.

Dropping Domino’s HTTP task 

By Sven Hasselbach | 7/15/18 8:47 AM | App Dev - Web | Added by Oliver Busse

Instead of waiting for updates of the Domino HTTP task any longer I was thinking about how to use modern HTTP technologies on top of Domino. But instead of implementing it in the Domino stack, I think I found a new way for developing and running my Spring Boot applications: Why not using the existing JVM, and run my application directly on it?

Dear CXO, Can We Talk about IBM Domino 10? 

By Keith Brooks | 7/12/18 7:23 PM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

Executive Summary (TL:DR Synopsis): You may, or may not, have heard about a 30 year old platform still managing applications and workflows inside the Fortune 100. Would you believe it comes from IBM, not that other blue company that still maintains a legacy 27+ year old office platform? If you have yet to bridge the Internet with your Enterprise, which is where the business benefits can be found, then you owe it to yourself to go listen to your IBM representatives.

A (Java-Centric) Domino Wish List 

By Jesse Gallagher | 7/12/18 1:15 PM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

Seeing the information come out of this week's HCL "Golden Ticket" event has got me thinking about some of my wish-list items for Domino development, mostly in the form of enhancements for existing capabilities and entirely around Java (since that's what I do).