Domino on Linux Platforms 

By Daniel Nashed | 3/4/19 5:17 PM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

Now that we have official Domino support for CentOS I would expect everyone who needs a free server OS to look into CentOS. Still -- I got the second person in two weeks looking into Domino on Ubuntu.

Traveler Optimization for Slow Backend Mail Server Connections 

By Daniel Nashed | 3/4/19 1:04 AM | Infrastructure - Notes / Domino | Added by John Oldenburger

In the last couple of month we have been working on performance bottlenecks for customers with higher latency network connections between Traveler and the back-end mail-servers. It took a while until we got all the fixes implemented after very detailed analysis (for example I wrote an extension manager to track object reads).