Ed Brill: – I Know Some People Want to Blame Me 

By Hogne B. Pettersen | 10/30/18 4:07 AM | Business - Social Business | Added by Oliver Busse

While in Chicago, I met up with Ed Brill, former head of Notes/Domino and IBM Collaboration Solutions, and got him to tell his side of the story. This story was originally published on Swing Software’s blog. – My contract with IBM has some limits on things I can say, but it doesn’t stop me from sticking to the facts! As was true when I wrote Opting In, transparency matters. The words are those of Ed Brill.

Paaaartyyyyy! Domino Forever! 

By Hogne B. Pettersen | 10/24/18 5:30 PM | Community - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

The superlatives and positive messages about the Norwegian user group’s (ISBG) launch of IBM/Notes Domino V10 in Norway yesterday has been pouring in all morning. As the leader of ISBG, this makes me immensely happy. And it gives bright hope for the future, and we will use this momentum when we’ve now started preparing for the spring seminar. Read on to see what happened at the launch!